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A Must Read for Anyone Over Fifty

The Wisdom of Crowds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Daniel Kahneman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are an increasing number of books that provide insight into how our minds work.Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman and The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki are two good examples.Daniel Kahneman, in Thinking Fast and Slow, picks up that theme and advances it by an order of magnitude.In my view, this is the must read book of the year, and absolutely required read for anyone over fifty.
Each knows that there are parts of our brain that toil away ceaselessly regulating breathing and blood pressure, managing digestion and keeping our heart beating on schedule without us being consciously aware of it.From other books like Emotional Intelligence, we know that there is also a high-speed circuit that responds to stimulus far faster than conscious thinking.There are numerous examples.Touch something hot with your hand and you’ll move it before you actually feel the pain.See someone you know in a…