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Why the Republicans Should Support a Tax Increase

Yes, that's right - the Republicans should support a tax increase.

Why? First, we are getting young men and women badly injured in battle, and when they return,they should get the finest medical attention available anywhere, period. And we now know that some of the VA hospitals are second rate. That is unacceptable, and we should be prepared to pay more in taxes so that our fighting personnel get the best.

Second, the dollar is quickly becoming a trash currency. When the Euro was at 8- cents, the dollar was likely overvalued. But now that the Euro has ripped through $1.50 and climbing, our currency is resembling the peso of the seventies. The deficits don't matter crowd has been proven decisively wrong; a key reason the dollar has sunk is eight years of massive spending higher than tax revenue. Since Congress and the Administration have proven to be spineless on spending restraint, we must raise taxes to begin to pay the bill. Otherwise, the dollar continues to sink, oil prices … greed

The NCAA needs to tame its greed.

First, by insisting that all the other logos be displaced by their oversize greased monstrosity on the arena floors, they jepordized the health of numerous players who were sliding on the jumbo decal.

Second, they are shifting from the great basketball facilities throughout the U.S. - good enought say for the Mavericks or the Celtics, to makeshift arenas in football fields where one needs birdwatcher binoculars to see the floor.

Don't be a slave to the last $500,000 in ticket revenue; go back to facilities that seat a mere 20,000....

John Calipari

Congratulations to Coach John Calipari and the University of Memphis Tigers. He has the team peaking at the right time, with very impressive performances Friday night and Sunday.

If anyone has four extra tickets, I'm more than willing to pay to go to the Final Four....