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William Safire

Rest in Peace. One of the great voices - and intellects of the conservative movement. And his columns on the use of the English language and the etymolgy of words were informative, educational and almost always entertaining.

Irving Kristol and William Safire in the same week. Two great conservatives who will be missed.

Note to conservatives

To my conservative friends:
We have the chance to make some important gains in the 2010 elections - but we need to be smarter. Here are a few commonsense tips:
1. Calling the President a liar is stupid and unproductive. The guy is still extremely popular, good looking, and smooth as silk. And, he is OUR president. If some Frenchman or Russian called him a liar, we would be outraged. Attack policies, not him.
2. Forget the "birther" nonsense. The framers of the constitution were concerned about some clever Brit re-establishing a monarchy; that is why the provision exists. The guy got elected. I'm accepting that he is a legitimate, qualified candidate. You birthers are making the rest of conservatives look goofy. Stop.
3. And calling Obama and some others Nazis or Fascists? Do you know any history at all - the Aryan nation wasn't too hot on black folks...
4. The conservative movement needs to return to first principles: a belief in small government, spending wi…

Josalyn and Adam's Wedding

On Sugah Blanco's Facebook page are a number of great pics of Josalyn and Adam Durham's wedding. Terrific young couple, fun wedding and reception. Look for pics of Jill D and me smoking Nubs. I'll try to upload one here.
Jos and Adam: all the best

GE Stock

Just read in yesterday's Barron's that technical analysts see a favorable pattern in GE stock. I like to think I know a little technical analysis, and I've looked at it, and can't see anything other than a positive MACD cross. But, I own the stock and I'm underwater on it, so here's hoping they are right.

Winston Churchill Cigar

Just smoked a Winston Churchill #10. New line from Davidoff. I haven't been a Davidoff fan - I bought some at the height of the cigar boom and was very disappointed. I have several aging in a humidor, so I should give them another chance.

The Winston # 10 was good. Mild-to-medium, burned perfectly, nice light wrapper. I'd definitely smoke another, but I wouldn't push the Padron Annivesarios or Punch Grand Crus out to make room...