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My Dad - C. E. Morphis

Charles Eugene Morphis, 92, of Jonesboro, passed away on Monday August 18, 2008, at his home. He was born in Pocahontas TN on April 1, 1916, to Charles and Ida Morphis. Mr. Morphis was a manufacturer’s representative and habadasher with Langenburg Hat Company where he designed hats for stars such as Elvis, Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn among many others. He was a Mason and a former president of US Men's and Boy's Apparel Club. He was a sergeant in the Army and served in World War II and was awarded five battle stars. He was a proud patriot and a member of Walnut Street Baptist Church.

He leaves behind his two sons, Gene Morphis of Ambler PA and Gary Morphis of New Orleans LA; a daughter, Stephanie Wilbanks of Jonesboro; two brothers, Leonard Morphis of Selmer TN and Rayde Morphis of Pocahontas TN; two sisters, Maxine Firnhaber of Huntington IN and Sadie Foster of Pocahontas TN; seven grandchildren, Blane, Misty, Blake, Josalyn, Cree, Jillian and Dusty; and three great grandchil…

New links

A new conservative voice - Jake Bell - has joined the blogosphere with Jaxxe Ramblings. I'm going to label Jake a neocon - but you and he can judge and comment. He has posted his opening conservative manifesto.

And Russ Morphis, perhaps a touch less vociferous in his conservatism, but more than a touch more religious, has updated his site with pictures from his trip to Ecuador. He deserves your financial support.

IPOD Nano Freezing

How to unfreeze your IPOD nano.

OK - I'll accept that the IPOD series from Apple has been breakthrough technology. And Apple's persistance in continual improving the product has been impressive. However, these little gadgets aren't perfect, and the documentation isn't just inadequate, it is non-existent.

So, about half the time I'm on an airplane my IPOD freezes just before music starts to play. Here is what you do: hold the click button in the middle and press menu. You have to hold them for 10-12 seconds or longer. May take several attempts. But, eventually you will get the little Apple logo and it will reset.

Energy Policy

Much has been said and written over the last few months about energy independence as gasoline prices have starkly indicated how America has become a debtor nation, subject to the whims of the oil producing countries.
So what are the hallmarks of a energy policy that would deserve our support?

I submit that it should have four principles, it should:
-encourage every alternative.
-make a difference as fast as possible.
-depend upon private capital as much as possible rather than require funding from the over-stretched U.S. taxpayer.
-support free-market and price mechanisms.

Broad alternatives
To break our addiction to the crack cocaine of foreign oil, we are going to need to exploit all our energy options. Wind power has a number of advocates, and rapidly improving technology from blades to turbines. No government funding is really required; wind is finding investors. The Pickens' Plan deserves not only consideration, but quick action. Solar is moving along; is a long-time environment…

Bush - he's no conservative

In the ultimate final repudiation of the conservative movement, President Bush is leaving a $473 billion deficit - except that it is really at least $553 billion, since the Iraq and Afghanstan wars will cost at least $80 billion and, in the zany world of government accounting, those are not included.
Shortly after his first election, an editorial article in the Wall St. Journal called him a "big government conservative". I wish I could remember who wrote the piece. It stands out in my memory because there really isn't such a thing. Going back to the founding fathers, conservative thought has centered on small government; indeed, there were serious debates about maintaining a standing army because the risk to a republic was too high.
When President Lyndon Johnson supported the war in Viet Nam and the Great Society social programs, we called it guns and butter, and argued vehemently against it. Now that a so-called conservative has supported the exact same policy, our vo…