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Glen Kaufman

A few years ago I purchased a piece of art by Glen Kaufman, titled Jofukuji Kawara. I had seen it years before at an exhibition and loved it, but couldn't afford it at the time.

This weekend we finally hung it in our new home. We've moved a couple of times since the purchase, and, really never uncrated it until now.

I'm not qualified to describe Mr. Kaufman's work accurately, but I believe it is fairly described as a tapestry. The technical description is a "photo collage, screen printing, and impressed metal leaf on custom-woven silk fabric." Be that as it may, it reminds me of the view of roof tops in Japan from one of the bullet trains, and captures a moment of time.
It has been a cigar smoking few days. My close friend Dwight came by, and we unburdened my humidor of two Padron 1964 Anniversarios.

They remain the best. If you can only buy a few cigars, those, plus the Punch Grand Cru (only the ones with "JG" in the center of the band) plus a Monte Cristo #2 would be the ticket.

Later, he had a Trindad and I had a Carlos Tarano Exodus 1959. Very good.

Blood pressure remaining better....
One can only say that the British were incredibly lucky, and the Middle Eastern doctors incredibly inept at wiring (and chemistry? Didn't they have to pass organic and inorganic chemistry to become doctors?)

While we search elderly women for four ounce shampoo bottles in airport lines, Al Qaeda and fiends have moved on, and now co-opt doctors. It is still unthinkable to me - I guess that is one of many reasons I wouldn't be a good CIA employee candidate - I'm not sufficiently cynical to suspect doctors of blowing up innocent children with boxes of nails and propane tanks.....
Armed Liberal at the Winds of Change ( ) blog wrote an outstanding acceptance speech in the role of the Democratic challenger for President. I completely recommend you read it. Also always worth checking there is the Iraq update page.

I would share most of the thinking. My top three priorities for any incoming admistration:

1. The spreading war against Islamist extremism. ( It is clearly much more that a war against Al Qaeda terrorists).

2. The insolvency of Social Security and the astounding pressure coming on budgets from the aging of America.

3. Making first quality healthcare available to every U.S. citizen without creating some awful, bureacratic, socialist style system.

I can post for hours on any of these - and probably will. If you have thoughts on the priorities, please comment.


I was in the Philadelphia airport on a recent Saturday, and watched passengers go by. I formed a quick, but completely firm, opinion.

Men should never, never, wear flip flops.

Flip flops are for young girls.

What you do in the privacy of your own home is your own business, but do not wear those past your front door. Further, do not wear any sandals that expose your toes. Men's toes are generally ugly and disgusting. If you want to wear some Keen Sandals, which completely cover all of your toes, that is acceptable with shorts. Not with pants.

I've got that off my chest. I feel better.

Cigars II

For some reason my blood pressure was a giant number yesterday - one step below "go to the emergency room" level. I can't explain why.

Anyway, I tried all the medicines and tricks I normally use to control it to no avail.

So, I moved to the patio and fired up a Bolivar. I don't know the exact size - a little longer and snaller than a typical robusto. Anyway, very nice. It finally got difficult to draw (my humidors are overstuffed and the cigars are suffering a little) and I switched to a budget brand Cuban Crafters. Not a bad cigar at all.

Result: blood pressure down 30 points. Probably not the treatment most cardiologists should recommend...but it seems to work for me....

Cold fusion II

One of the best things about being a blogger is the very insightful postings that come along. Jed Rothwell posted a link on developments in and around the science of cold fusion. I've added the link to his site on the side and here . I will absolutely admit to not understanding a lot of it - but it is nonetheless rewarding to see that some scientists continue the effort.

Senator Harry Reid

When Tom Daschle was the minority leader, I really didn't like the guy. I thought he was too tricky and Michaveallian. However, I never doubted that he was smart. I have a real question about just how bright Harry Reid is.

He does seem to be far more predictable, e.g. his pedestrian comments on the Libby commutation. If he were going to issue a press release, he could have at least had some creativity and originality (Durbin's had some fun to it).I doubt that the Democrats did themselves any favors naming him majority leader. There are some far smarter alternatives, such as Chuck Schumer. I'm not a particular Chuck Schumer fan, but I've never questioned his IQ or skills.

Scooter Libby

I must apologize to the Bush administration.

Any regular reader of this blog recognizes that I'm not an administration fan. However, in commuting Libby's sentence ( it was absolutely NOT a pardon) the President did the right thing. The special prosecutor thing outlived its usefulness a long time ago. Neither Democrats or Republicans should call for it again unless there is very real tangible evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. The Nixon administration or worse.

No bj's from young women, no leaking names for political gain, etc. etc. Selling military secrets to Al Queida is more like the minimum standard.

The judge sentenced the guy for a longer term than a typical drug dealer. For what? Try to figure out what the real crime was.

I feared that this lame duck administration would through Libby directly in front of the train. Good to see they have some resolve left.

Global warming

Many years ago - perhaps as much as twenty - I read where someone had calculated that painting the Interstate Highway system white would reflect enough sunlight to actually offset global warming.

Anyone remember that? Believe it?

Cold fusion

Whatever happened to cold fusion. Not the software, the reaction.

After all, even the skeptics agreed that something strange happened from time to time in those tests a few years ago....


The last couple of weeks I've been smoking a few new cigars. Many are courteous of Don Mills Tobacco Superstore on Winchester Rd. in East Memphis. In your are in the area, check it out.

Anyway, last week I tried to have an Onyx Reserve from one of my humidors. Unfortunately, it was so plugged it absolutely would not draw. No bad reflection on Onyx; it happens to even the best rollers. So, I tried an El Secreto that Don sent me. It retails for only $2. Hey it isn't a Fuente Opus Opus, but it wan't a bad smoke either....

Last night I had the opposite result; I tried a Cusano M. I don't want to disparage Cusano - they are making some very good cigars - but this M didn't cut it. So, I retrieved a Avo robusto from one of my humidors. The humidor was a little too full, so it was a little dry. Nonetheless, Avo came through. A really good cigar.