Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cold fusion

Whatever happened to cold fusion. Not the software, the reaction.

After all, even the skeptics agreed that something strange happened from time to time in those tests a few years ago....

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Jed said...

You can find out all about what happened to cold fusion at our web site:

To summarize, cold fusion was replicated in dozens of world-class laboratories, including Los Alamos and several U.S. national laboratories. Hundreds of papers were published about these replications in mainstream, peer-reviewed journals. Our site features a list of 3,500 papers and the full text from over 500 papers.

Despite this track record of success, skeptics hostile toward cold fusion claim that the effect was never replicated, and they often publish ad hominem attacks against the researchers, especially in the Washington Post, Time magazine, the Scientific American and other U.S. publications. Opposition is less strident in other nations. In the U.S. researchers have demoted or summarily fired for publishing positive results, or for discussing or advocating this research. In the most recent incident, a U.S. Congressman is harassing a researcher for publishing a positive result and for allegedly helping another researcher replicate. (The other research denies this, and there is no evidence that it happened, but the Congressman has demanded "any and all" paperwork about the research.)

- Jed Rothwell