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Record Conference Wins University of Memphis

Despite John Calipari's defection to Kentucky - causing a freshman star to go pro and two prize recruits to change schools, The University of Memphis set an NCAA record number of consecutive conference wins with 52, breaking KY's 56 year-old-record of 51 from 1950-1954.
Congratulations to the team and new coach Josh Pastner.

VA Clinic mistreats prostate cancer

Philadelphia VA Medical Center has admitted that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigated and found that a stunning 97 of 114 vets treated for prostate cancer received incorrect dosages, or that the radioactive seeds were actually implanted in the bladder rather than the prostate.

I'm not looking forward to national health care myself.

For a long time it has been my opinion that the Fed's should demonstrate exceptional care for our vets before that start trying to handle anyone else's health care....


Abdulmultallab appeared in court today and pleaded innocent. That prompted me to contemplate what would make someone so angry that he would wrap his **** with high explosives and light a fuse.
So, to get even for some imagined ill, he was going to set off an explosion beginning with blowing his **** off. I can't really imagine that training class, much less the pep talk at the end.
Trainer: "So, Abdul, this is how you wrap the ingredients around your **** like this, see? And you put the fuse here, like this, see? Got it? Then you light it up - you won't even feel it, it will be so quick"
Abdul:" How do you know that - looks like you still have your ****?" "And, if I'm gong to be greated by 72 virgins, won't I need my ****?"
Trainer: "Be a man Abdul - blow the back of the airplane seat off with **** parts!"
Abdul: "Where's my ticket? I'll teach them a lesson - I'm going to set my **** on fire!"

Colt McCoy

When tempted to despair about the state of the country and ongoing failure of both parents and our educational system, along comes Colt McCoy. Working and training for the better part of his young life, he gets injured a few minutes into the biggest game of his career, a shot at the collegiate national championship for his Texas team, and the last game of his collegiate career.

No one would have blamed him if he had shown anger and depression in his postgame comments. Instead, in one of classiest displays I've ever seen, he congratulated winning Alabama for their effort, thanked his team for their never-say-die spirit, and spoke highly of the freshman who stepped in after his injury.

Best of luck in everything you do young man. But I don't think you will need any luck.