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Stunning new global warming study

MIT scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen has released a study basically refuting most of the existing global warming theories. Perfect timing too - President Obama is off to Copenhagen - to participate with the true believers that humans cause everything bad on earth - and Americans are particularly bad humans. Link here:
Take some time to study his argument - based on 13 years of satellite observations of heat reflection from earth. Very smart: simple theory: if carbon dioxide etc is building up in the atmosphere, then less sunlight will be reflected. Hence, warming the earth resulting in all the apocalyptic stuff.
Good news earthlings; Dr. Lindzen says is isn't happening.
Let your Congressmen and Congresswomen know.


Thanks WinZip folks! I realized I hadn't re-installed WinZip since the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009. As opposed to some other software downloads which took hours of finding invoice records, entering 60 character passwords and the like, WinZip lets you copy and paste the password, didn't hassle me to prove I'd purchased a previous edition, etc.

Everything was done in a few minutes.

Thanks again!