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Memo to Palenstinians

Just a little note to the residents of Palestine:
You might want to give some thought to whom you align.  I would take Iran's relentless march to nuclear weapons capability seriously.  It's now clear that it has been a strategy from the early nineties and the ayatollahs have been up to their waists in the effort.  That little hirsute demon Ahmendinejad has repeatedly voiced his commitment to wiping Israel off the map.  While I question his veracity generally, I would err on the side of caution on this topic just in case he means what he says.
In that case, a nuclear bomb strike on Israel probably takes most of you out too.
Just a little something for you to think about.


For the record, and all my conservative friends: my view is there is nothing there worth another American life.  Get out as fast as we can load up.  If the Taliban come back and start setting up Al Queda workshops - Predator the hell out of them.

Republican Debate Feb 23rd

Just a couple of observations on the Republican debate:
First, John King took a lot of abuse as the moderator in a prior debate for focusing on issues of no moment.  Since he raised issues including N. Korea and Iran, I don't think he can be accused of that again.

Second, while I'm sure that Romney was loaded with attacks for Santorum, he didn't have to do much, since Congressman Ron Paul beat him like a pinata...

Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Smoked a Romeo y Julieta Reserve Churchill. While a touch stronger than my standard, nonetheless a far better than average stick. I may have let the humidor it was in get a little too high on moisture - I had some difficulty keeping it lit - but I don't think it was a problem with the cigar.

Won't go to the top of my must smoke list, but a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Pair it with one of your stronger icy cold adult beverages; otherwise this will overwhelm it.

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Obama Vacations

Memo to conservative talk show hosts: I'm sure it isn't easy coming up with something to talk about every day.  Sometimes you probably have an abundance of breaking developments to chose from; others it's barren.  Since almost every conservative talk show I tuned into today was whining about Ms. Obama being on a ski trip with her daughters, I'm assuming that today was a slow news day.

Note to all of you: I'm very conservative, but I don't care how many vacations the Obamas take, or how much they spend.  If the rich go on wildly extravagent vacations, I assume that the economy benefits.

Find something else will you?  How about what if anything we should do about Syria, where we have another tyrant slaughtering his citizenry? What, if anything, should we do about that?