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You Are 52 And Worried About Keeping Your/Looking for a Job

I was re-reading a business book that was published in 1991.It had success stories of companies that had installed new management techniques.(The author, of course, was an expert on those techniques.)Many of those companies no longer exist. Not because of following the writer’s recommendations – those are actually pretty good even today. But because of the earth-shattering changes that have swept U.S. and the world- of industry.
You – our model worker- just recently celebrated your fifty –second birthday. You were part of a wave of baby –boomer women who swept into colleges and universities in the seventies and eighties and graduated in 1984. Or perhaps it is you – the man who completed military service at that same time.You entered the work force in 1984.
Think about just how much things have changed since then.Tools you learned to use only to discard and replace them with something newer and better.When you started working, PCs and Macs were just becoming deployed in the workplace on …