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Musings While Smoking a Rocky Patel Signature

Lit up a nice cigar. There is a lot to think about.

President Obama sounded off about Ahmandinejad's speech to the U.N.  "Hateful".  "Offensive".  Wow - who knew?  I thought Mahmoud was just a furry little demon.  Anti-Semite speech?  Shocking that he would do that isn't it?

Republicans release The Pledge to America.  No mention of foregoing earmarks.  In fact one leading Republican apparently called it a right of democracy.  The Republican Party was formed from disparate pieces of Abolitionists, Whigs and other generally disaffected groups.  We might be witnessing the dissolution of the Republican Party and the formation of a Conservative Party...

I tried to set up a profile in Spoke - because when I Google others, Spoke always comes up on their list, generally with stale info.  Definitely the case for me - the info there on me is out of date.  Set up a new account there and when it sent  me a confirmation, it rejected the confirmation.  Not a good start..…