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Ripping Off Seniors

My ninety year old mother-in-law lives with us.She is generally in good health, and her memory and mind are good.However, the scam mails showing up in our mailbox are increasingly sophisticated, and she frequently falls for them. Almost every day we receive one or more letters –in impressively designed envelopes-touting the imminent reduction in Medicare benefits, or Social Security benefits, or both, and the necessity of sending a contribution to some appropriately named organization such as the Center for Saving Medicare.The letters are worded to convince the reader that Congress is on the verge of gutting (Medicare; Social Security; or some other program).And that the reader must send money immediately, immediately- or their benefits will be stripped.

The various subscription services have polished their direct mail messages to a fine gloss.She falls for these scams frequently.With the Baby Boom swing into older ages fully underway, I’m sure these organizations are only going to get …