Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Reasons President Obama Could Get Re-elected

Attention conservative brethren.  I know there are a number of conservatives who don't want any compromise in the Super Committee, assuming that President Obama has no chance of being re-elected.  I think there are two flaws in that hypothesis.  First if nothing is done, another $1 trillion is added to the deficit.  Second, I think he has a better chance of winning than conservatives are facing.:

1. The economy has added 250,000 jobs in the last 60 days. At that rate 2 million jobs will be added by the election. Still not great, but a nice move in the right direction.

2. He prosecuted the war in Iraq as vigorously as Bush, surprising conservatives.

3. Ditto Afghanistan where he approved a further troop surge. Yes, there can be some whining about how long it took him to decide, but not close to the criticism Lincoln took over many issues in the Civil War, and history treats him kindly.

4. He's been even more aggressive in using Predators than President Bush.

5. Some voters probably want to keep their young adult children (who can't find a job, or work part-time, or work for an employer that doesn't provide health benefits) on their health plan and will vote to preserve Obama care.

6. He is an accomplished debater and thinks fast on his feet.

7. He got Anwar al Awlaki, the U.S.- born Al Queda leader.

8. He has the bully pulpit.

9. The troops are coming home from Iraq.

10. He got Bin Laden
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Anonymous said...

Also, the democratic machine has mastered voter fraud. I sat on a plane during the last election as a plane full of obama supporters had just voted in on state and were going to another state to vote. They had opened a "house" which they all registered under so they could vote in multiple states. Community Affairs in Action!