Monday, August 27, 2007

Villager Cigars - Part 2

Well, the Villager Cigars came in. The little rascals are smaller than I remember. Paul Kavanagh introduced many of us to them. Paul is a successful entreprenuer, exceptionally well-connected in the Irish political scene, the guy to see for restaurant recommendations in Dublin (and elsewhere), but I remember him for one other thing in addition to cigar recommendations.

He was the first person to say that the Euro was going to happen that I know. His statement was met with widespread skepticism by all our European management - but he stood firm that it was going to happen, that companies needed to prepare, and that it would happen largely on the timeframe that the EU was touting.

He, of course, was right.

Paul, this Villager is for you. (By the way, these little things are stronger than I remember).

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