Monday, December 10, 2007

High Times

Looking through a magazine rack recently - at Barnes and Noble as I recall - but perhaps at an airport - I've been flying a fair amount lately - I saw a "High Times" magazine. I was surprised to learn those folks are still in business. Who advertises in that magazine? I should have looked.

And how could they possibly manage the business? Every pothead I know lost about, oh, say, 85% of their short term recall. They can't tell you the day of the week. How can they manage htting publishing deadlines, sell advertising and manage subscription sales?

Recently in Philadelphia police seized 16 pounds of marijuana so strong it is called AK47 and is known to send users to the ER. Don't let anyone convince you differently - a couple of years on that stuff you won't know your birthday...

Pretty amazing that High Times is still around....

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