Monday, December 24, 2007

Presidential race continued #5

Wow - things have gotten interesting!

I've been on record that it is Senator Clinton's election to lose - but I'm not so sure.....

One of the more interesting aspects of all of this is that the more experienced candidates - e.g. time in office, military service, etc., have been trailing or not even in the hunt - i.e.: Biden, Dodd, McCain, while inexperienced have lead - i.e. - Obama, Romney.

Now, I like both Obama and Romney - I actually met Mitt when I was CFO of a company owned by Bain Capital - and he is one smart guy. However, in a dangerous world where WWIII may already be underway, I'm not sure those are the right folks.

Curiously enough, it looks like McCain is making a comeback, starting in NH, after being dismissed. The Wall St. Journal mentioned him last week, not complimentary, but not a condemnation after all. So at least one guy who isn't seeing his first rodeo may be in the hunt.

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