Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 Downing Street Houston TX

I was in Houston recently, and went to 10 Downing St, which is a first-class cigar bar. The place was hopping! Not too many of those left in the U.S. as the PC police eliminate what they don't approve of (and my last remaining vice - a good cigar). As they say "God Bless Texas".
Excellent drinks and a fine selection of premium cigars - I didn't see a mongrel brand in the humidor.
I enjoyed one of the most famous Arturo Fuente's: the Hemingway Best Seller, a little robusto, with great mild flavor.
Cigar prices are high, but there is clearly a lot of overhead to cover in a place littered with leather club chairs. One proviso, even with industrial air purifiers everywhere, the volume of smokers in there was overwhelming them. There is outdoor seating, which will work some of the year, but certainly not all summer in Houston.
Still, definitely on my keeper and recommended list.
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