Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Canon

I just completed The Canon by Natalie Angier . It is a wide-ranging report on the developments in science, including molecular biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry and evolutionary biology, with some additional chapters on statistics and the scientific method.

It is excellent and I recommend it unconditionally. Her use of words, clever puns and phraseology is delightful, and bring humor and a spark to what could be dull subject matter. And she works at making the information understandable, if not to everyman, at least to the reasonably educated reader.

Her defense of evolution is a little lengthy and pedantic, presumably as a felt need to respond to the Creationist movement. Other than that one complaint, it is a fun read in addition to be highly informative. Grab yourself a copy and catch up on everything you've missed since your last science class.

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