Sunday, January 06, 2008

Primary calendar

For you political junkies, the NH primary is Jan. 8, Michigan is Jan. 15, Nevada and SC (Repbulican) is the 19th. Note that the Democratic SC primary is the 29th. Also on the 29th is FL. On Feb 5th, there are 16 joint - e.g. Democratic and Republican - primaries as well as a handfull of primaries that are one or the other.

I'm hoping that the contest is serious a least until Feb 5. Having this thing wrapped after three or four relatively small states makes no sense.

FD: Pam and I made contributions today to two candidates (each of us could support the other if our first choice doesn't make it).

I encourage you to give to the candidate of your choice - particularly if it is one of the lesser funded ones-so they can get their message out.


PacerIII said...


I read your blog regarding the expensive cigs! My advice, cut them into little pieces and scatter them in the rose garden, then spend more time on the treadmill while you are watching CNBC. BTW, why is Buffet a Dem, doesn't make sense to me.

gene said...

Hey Pacer:
Unfortunately, my knee needs a scope job, so I'm restricted to the exercise bike until I face reality and schedule some work....but I limit the cigars - only a couple a month - it is the only vice I have left....