Thursday, September 20, 2007

Business 2.0 RIP

TechCrunch is reporting that Business 2.0 is ceasing publication with the October issue.

Damn I hate that - it was my favorite business magazine. A few years ago I was a Red Herring fan - and it bit the dust as well. Both of them covered the tech space, VC activity, developments in Internet business, as well as some insightful ideas on business opportunities. There was a third related kind of magazine - Industry Standard maybe? I never got into it.

I'm a long time Wired reader as well, and it appears to be doing well - generally a lot of ad pages - but it has become more of a general interest magazine with a technology slant - not a business focused publication.

Not too mention I paid for subscriptions to both. Fortunately for Business 2.0, not too far in advance anyway.

There must be some good editors and writers looking for work so I shouldn't complain about the few dollars I'm out.

Good luck guys.

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