Friday, September 28, 2007

Presidential commentary

Interesting post by James (see below).

I generally agree that we haven't had a solid President since Eisenhower.

Nixon had a rational, thoughtful foreign policy (his China initiatives will be written about for centuries). Give a fair measure of credit to Kissinger. But his economic policies were silly, and he was, well, a crook and a liar.

Clinton had the best economic policies of the last fifty years, largely courtesy of Robert Rubin, but simply no foreign policy whatsoever.

Bush II has recognized what I believe will be a multi-generational battle with radical Islam, but no rational foreign, economic or domestic policy.

No one seems to be able to have a complete set of policies.

James may be right - they just can't build a cabinet of great people. (I must add that Kennedy had a great cabinet - but he was mediocre...).

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