Monday, September 03, 2007

La Gloria Cubana and Roads End Pinot Noir

Don Mills sent me another batch of cigars from the Germantown TN Tobacco Superstore. So, after a stressed out day last week, I fired up two: an Onyx Maduro robusto followed by a La Gloria Cubana Churchill.

Both lit immediately. The Onyx burned smoothly to a nice long ash and was milder than I expected; a nice smoke. The folks behind La Gloria have been working to improve it, and have succeeded in my view, I found it to be excellent. I don't need a Fuente Opus Opus everyday; my tastes run to a milder smoother cigar. The La Gloria was just that. Smooth easy draw, long perfect ash.

I paired them with a glass of Dave Grooter's outstanding pinot noir: Roads End Oregon Pinot Noir. It is a limited production wine - I suggest you get your order in for a special treat. It stood up nicely with the cigars. (Frequently cigars just overwhelm wine, hence why they are generally paired with scotch or bourbon).

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